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Who is Sizzlin’ Bison?

Long established and experienced producers since 1989, Sizzlin’ Bison is a family-run business in the Vestfold area of the west-central Interlake region of Manitoba. In a pasture-to-product operation, the family raises their own bison and wild boar, produces the feed their animals eat, and processes meat products in their own facility which holds an ARD – Meat Processing / RTE permit.
Pete and Rhonda Doerksen, son Adam, and nephew Trevor are excited to offer natural and superior meat products to you for healthy and delicious meals that you will savour and crave and want to share with family and friends.

Join In The Sizzlin’ Bison Difference

The animals are ethically raised from pasture to product without the use of hormones or antibiotics, and are fed a natural and sustainable multi-variety forage that satisfies the need for dietary diversity and ensures a product that passes all its health benefits on to the consumer. After all, we are what we eat!
The food that the farm’s bison and boar eat is a succulent poly-crop forage grown without chemical fertilizer or herbicides, ensuring sustainability with its multi-seed varieties that withstand the vast unpredictable climatic differences of this region – conditions that range from wet to dry, from cold to heat, and everything in between. The blend the farm uses is particularly renowned for its ability to cover all the needs of the soil’s regenerative health – soil stability, minimizing disturbance of the soil, plant diversity, establishment of a healthy and deep root system, and finally, integration of livestock and economic sustainability. Many years of farming the land in this area has taught what works and what doesn’t, keeping in mind that the consumer is also looking for healthier food products.

Quality manitoba bison

Experience the sensational taste of Sizzlin’ Bison

Anyone that has already made Sizzlin’ Bison a regular part of their diet will rave that the meat is like no other.  Some may compare it to the finest beef cuts, but it is sweeter and juicier, and even more tender.  All this with very little fat but just enough to give the extra flavour.

Eat Healthy with Sizzlin’ Bison

Sizzlin’ Bison meats are nutrient dense – meaning excellent proportioning of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals compared to low calorie intake. This also means that the body needs to consume less to feel satisfied and function efficiently.
So, let’s get sizzlin’!

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