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The Sizzlin’ Bison Difference

Stuck buying factory farmed meats? Farms that fill their animals with hormones and antibiotics? Join in the Sizzlin’ Bison difference. We are bringing ethically raised Manitoba bison to your table. From the pasture to the product we are using sustainable solutions. Feeding our animals with the dietary diversity they need!

Our Story



Long established and experienced producers since 1989, Sizzlin’ Bison is a family-run business in the Vestfold area of the west-central Interlake region of Manitoba. In a pasture-to-product operation, the family raises their own bison and wild boar, produces the feed their animals eat, and processes meat products in their own facility which holds an ARD – Meat Processing / RTE permit.
Pete and Rhonda Doerksen, son Adam, and nephew Trevor are excited to offer natural and superior meat products to you for healthy and delicious meals that you will savour and crave and want to share with family and friends.

100% Manitoba grown

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Become one of the few who know the exceptional taste of bison.

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Add nutritional farm fresh bison to your diet and enjoy the many benefits.